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Primordial Construction and Development was established in May of the year 1997 with Engineer Levitico P. Esguerra Jr. as the sole proprietor and general manager. Engr. Esguerra is also an ASEAN Engineer in Civil Engineering Discipline, an Associate Member of Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines and a Material Engineer accredited by the DPWH. After graduating with High Honors as the Most Outstanding Student of Angeles University Foundation batch 1997 and a Recipient of the PICE MOCES (Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Student) and passing the Professional Board Exam on that very same year, Engr. Esguerra believed that creating his own firm was a great idea to practice his profession in order to gain valuable experience and applicable knowledge to prepare him for the coming of the Modern age of Construction Technology. The trust and motivation from his parents resulted in his first project. He learned how to handle and deal with his workers, the time table to be followed, the difference between the estimates and the actual cost of the project. Gaining confidence from his first project he now thinks that he can handle his own firm with the help of his hard working and skilled workers.

Our workers are professionals, extensively trained and experienced in their own individual fields of discipline. The strength and success of our firm lies in the multi-disciplinary team work which assures a harmonized and integrated approach in all its undertakings.  Our firm brings skilled local manpower and advanced building technology and our one purpose is to bridge the future and claim it-knowing full-well each bold step marks our landscape. We produced work noted for engineering innovation and sure-footed construction. Binds its experience and resources into a productive, long arching collaboration, the purpose of which is to build further into the future In our quest to become a total engineering contractor the company has added significant capabilities to its repertoire. We will enhance the capabilities we already possess: the expertise of our people and the quality of our projects. We will build our ability to anticipate and respond to challenges and opportunities, improve our technology and competitiveness. QUALITY is the life of our firm. The continued satisfaction of our clients shall be our motivation toward quality excellence in our projects.


Engr. Levitico P. Esguerra Jr. is an active member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE). He diligently attends seminars and meetings where he is able to acquire new knowledge which keeps him updated about new technology and construction methods that he can apply to his future projects. Socializing and participating in such event with other members helps him to gain confidence and self esteem. Relating with other people is very important in his profession it is through this that sometimes he got his client and also referral from his previous clients who are fully satisfied with his work. All of his dedication to this organization paid off when he became its Chapter President during the year 2017 where he was able to implement various socio-civic projects among others.